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Company organization

The Company has an interdisciplinary and multi-service organisation tailored on the needs of the different Clients. The organisation chart shows, in a simplified manner, the company organisation.

As far as the domestic market is concerned, a specific department deals with both promotion/commercial aspects and management.
Every specific department deals with the international market with the same duties as that for the domestic market. Because of the geographical coverage, the activities have been distributed in five areas (Europe, Africa, America, Middle East and Indian Sub-continent), each one with an Area Manager responsible for both promotion/commercial activities and for the related management. Each area may have company branches, subsidiaries and project offices.
The engineering department is split into different areas of specialisation and deals with production activities. Every time a new project starts, experts from the engineering department are involved to form a multidisciplinary team according to their specialisations.
The group of the Management Services provides direct support to the Directors and to the Promotion/Commercial Departments as well as to the technical activities.
The group of the Technical Services provides assistance mainly to the engineering specialisation areas while the group General Services assists all the activities of the company.
Finally a specific specialised group deals with the Administration and Finance.
Our Staff
Today the total human resources of Technital amount to about 350 professionals, including some 30 managers and approximately 90 experts working permanently abroad.