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Long span bridges

Technital creates outdoor structural environments: the long span bridges. New structures, new facilities, extensions, modernisation projects, all included in the classical discipline of bridge-designing. Besides the development of solutions with the best creative design touch, cost control is certainty the number one priority in Technital assignement. Technital is near the Client side through all phases: project development, design, tendering, site management, auditing and warranty inspections. The number of successful projects of long span bridges completed in Italy and abroad, is Technital best advertisement for the future.

Technital offers expertise on all aspects of planning, design and supervision of works during the construction of bridges across the world, including long span bridges and those carrying roads, railways and pipes over roads, rails and rivers. Technital is well experienced to provide an integrated service to the Client through a multidisciplinary approach to railway, roads, environmental and bridge design. The design and supervision of works of the long span bridges allows an interdisciplinary approach from Technital, incorporating geotechnical, structural and also maritime engineering. In addition, Technital is able to use innovative technology to entrust all who use the long span bridges, as well as complementing the landscape around them.

Technital expertise in the field of long span bridges includes:

  • technical and financial viability
  • feasibility studies, concept, detail design and design review
  • contract documentation relating to all forms of procurement
  • tender design for contractors
  • independent design appraisal
  • specialist analysis for bridge erection methods
  • aerodynamic performance of deck
  • structural dynamics
  • project and construction management
  • value engineering and risk assessment
  • construction advice and problem solving
  • inspection and maintenance advice for existing structures