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Marine and coastal structures

The specialization area copes with the design of marine and coastal protection structures such as:

  • Breakwaters constructed with vertical structures and rubble mound types with experience of most armour units, dynamically stable rock mounds, crown wall stability analysis for structures subject to impulsive forces
  • Bottom protection from scour effects performed with special mattresses and rock
  • Dredging in all types of soil
  • Quays and piers structure: open type with concrete or steel piles, gravity structures with concrete blocks or caissons and anchored sheet piles or cofferdam types
  • Refurbishment of deteriorated marine structures
  • Navigation locks
  • Docks for the prefabrication in dry conditions of monolithic floating structures
  • Intake structures, pipes, pumping station and outfall structures for cooling water system
  • Coastal protection structures including analysis of littoral regime and sediment transport with mathematical models, design of groins, submerged and emerged breakwaters and beach nourishment


Special care in the design of structures is taken for materials durability in marine environment and prevention of corrosion in the steel structures. Marine environmental climate and extreme condition analysis and wave propagation (including tsunami waves) with mathematical model reproducing all the physical aspects are performed preliminarily to the design of the structures. The design includes, when necessary, preparation of specification and coordination of physical model tests performed in specialized international laboratories.

Special studies performed with mathematical and physical models concern the analysis of the effects of basin resonance on mobile structures. The group performs , when requested, assistance to the site with planning of monitoring of marine parameters( such waves, currents , solid transport and turbidity), assistance on the best choice of the working methods and environmental protection, selection of materials , performing of mock up for verification of construction methods ,wave forecast and damage risk analysis during the construction phases.