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Road and railways

The specialisation area copes with several aspects both for the road design and for the railway design.

As far as road design is concerned, the capability ranges from the design of local roads and urban road networks to highway/toll roads. Obviously also toll stations and other facilities are part of the company experience.

As far as railway design is concerned, the capability ranges from high speed lines to local lines including also metro and mass transit systems. The capability covers the design of stations, depots, maintenance centers for wagon and loco, intermodal stations and marshalling yards. Also aspects related to the service operation and related facilities/stations are covered by the present area as well as aspects related to safety and security of circulation of trains.

International standard in road and railways design as well as the state of the art of the software are widely adopted for all the project carried out by the company. In fact, the present specialisation area is familiar with the most sophisticated design packages and design techniques.

The company has also developed the capability to plan, prepare and supervise topographic surveys by adopting a large number of techniques as well as the capability to analyse the related findings.