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Technital is a consulting engineering company which has always paid careful attention to innovative design methods and tools. In particular, whether dealing with complex and prestigious international projects or simpler ones, the company follows a multidisciplinary approach with a view to providing integrated design solutions valid not merely from the strictly technical point of view but also in consideration of social, environmental and economic aspects. In accordance with this approach, Technital has structured its work force into Specialist groups which contribute in a synergic fashion to the production, thereby permitting the analysis and solution of various aspects and problems of civil engineering. Naturally, to achieve these results, Technital has equipped itself with avant-garde hardware and software which is constantly maintained and renewed. The project production and management is developed in a homogeneous information network which allows the exchange of information and data among the design staff working at different levels and in the different company premises. The operation in a single working environment means the optimization of both design time and results. Furthermore, to enable the production of technically and scientifically innovative solutions, Technital has made available to its Specialist groups top-level and internationally renowned analysis and calculation tools, which are constantly updated, supported and maintained by their manufacturers. These tools have been applied notably in the field of structural design, with highly sophisticated calculation models, in hydraulic engineering, in relation to hydraulic installations and to river hydraulics, and in the evaluation of environmental impacts on water and the atmosphere (air quality and noise). In terms of graphic output, besides the most up-to-date CAD tools in various environments which permit the satisfaction of the most well-known market standards, particular attention has been paid to photographic rendering of design solutions allowing the production of virtual images of the finished work in the landscape.