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TECHNITAL: Consulting engineering company

We plan the world of tomorrow

TECHNITAL S.P.A. IS A JOINT STOCK COMPANY SPECIALIZED IN ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR MAJOR WORKS, PROVIDING CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS AND FOR PRIVATE ENTITIES. With an annual turnover of more than 50 million Euros, it is one of the leading Italian engineering companies and occupies a significant position on the international scale.


  • Italy

    Technital has finished the working project of the hydraulic layout of the Channel San Martino and the Valley of Apricena on the Gargano (Apulia – Italy) where the Apricena floodway ends up and that has saved the town from disastrous floods that on the other hand have devastated the other towns of the Gargano in these days.

  • Aicap award

    Technital was awarded the aicap2014 prize for the Category of Infrastructural Works: Structural Concrete Achievements with the project of MO.S.E. Barrier Caissons.

  • Algeria

    Client: Inco S.p.A.
    Project: Widening of RN01 State Road between Chiffa et Berroughia (53 km).

  • The new Lake Garda collector

    Technital will attend the conference entitled "The new Lake Garda collector and the future of its territory", which will be held on Monday 17th February 2014 from 8.45 am to 12.45 pm, in the main conference hall of Garda town hall.


  • Italy

    Client: Grandi Lavori Fincosit S.p.A.
    Project related to the State Road SS no 1 "Aurelia" overpass to link the multipurpose platform and the areas behind the port (inland intermodal terminals, customs, etc.).

  • Bosnia

    Client: AGSM Verona S.p.A.
    Due diligence for the purchase initiative concerning 2 hydroelectric plants named Lukac and Dubrava in the Bosnian Serb Republic.

  • Ethiopia

    Client: Ethiopian Railway Corporation
    Consultancy services for railway operations and maintenance (O&M) Legal framework, Management System Development & Master Document preparation.

  • Qatar

    Design of the park of Djibouti Presidential Palace.

  • Italy

    Client: Provincia Autonoma di Trento
    Realization of the ring road of the town of Cles on the National Road SS43 in the valley “Val di Non”.

  • Italy

    Client: Aeroporto Valerio Catullo di Verona Villafranca S.p.A.
    Preliminary and detailed design, coordination activities and safety during design phase; works supervision, coordination and safety during execution phase. Requalification of “Tango” taxiway and other works in the airport air-side area.