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The Dock - Top View

New naval carpentry at the Arsenale of Venice


Project: Realization of the new naval steel carpentry and workshop industrial building at the Arsenale of Venice

Location: Venice, Italy

Client: Venezia Nuova Consortium for Ministry of Public Works - Water Board - Venice

Cost of total Works: € 4.069.341

Services: Preliminary and Final design

Period: 2010

The northern area of Venice Arsenal is a key site for the management and maintenance activities for the MO.S.E. (flood protection) system of Venice lagoon. The area is currently used for ship maintenance and docking operations and is provided with two dry docks (“medium” and “large” dry dock) suitable for the unloading operations of the barriers.
For the settlement of the maintenance operations, preliminary demolitions of some existing buildings have been foreseen, in according with the Urban Plan of the City of Venice. By these demolitions a new location for the steel carpentry and workshop operations has to be provided, internally the new construction area.
The new industrial building has been designed in order to accommodate both naval steel carpentry and workshop. The building includes also a roof covering as a warehouse and accommodate the air compressor housing. The industrial shed has a rectangular steel frame with external plan dimensions of 27.40×90.80 m, eave height equal to 9.00 m and maximum ridge height of 12.00 m. These dimensions provide compatibility with the Urban Building Plan of Venice and a fully compliance with the volumes obtained by the demolitions carried out.
The industrial shed will be made of a metal structure, internally compartmentalized and buffered externally with walls made of insulating panels.
The steel made main frame will consist of truss gantry and three vertical steel beams placed at intervals of 6.40 and 20.00 m, fixed by bolts of plates anchored to its foundation plinths. The middle of the beams, in support of the crane rails, is located at 19.00 m for overhead crane to be recovered from existing buildings. The foundation plinths will be placed and fixed to the under-foundation structures made of bored piles type FDP. The main frame will be placed with a span of 9.00 m for the entire length of the building.
The structure will be externally covered (roof, side and end walls) with insulation panels (e.g. “sandwich panels”) made of an external metal support and an internal mass polyurethane insulation: these kind of covering can provide a barrier against corrosion and heat losses. On the panels will be realized the openings for the doors and windows: the main access to the industrial shed will be realized by means of folding doors. The side walls panels will also present side windows in order to provide lighting inside the hall itself. The same panels are used inside the shed for the partitioning between the steel carpentry and workshop hall: also in this case the access is realized by folding doors, for trucks and overhead crane and dedicated doors for workers.
In addition to the sectors of carpentry and electrical and mechanical workshop planned internally at the shed offices, dressing rooms and bathrooms for the site personnel are also provided. The offices will be located in an elevated position, between the two compartments and equipped with windows so as to provide automatic monitoring of the funds themselves.

Each compartment is then equipped with the necessary equipment like cutters, benders, press, cutting table with plasma or oxy-acetylene devices, for the steel carpentry, or drills, borers, lathes, for the mechanical workshop. The entire building will also be equipped with facilities such as the electric energy, compressed air, potable and industrial water, oxygen and acetylene distribution In addition artificial lighting, heating system and exhaust smoke extraction system are also provided. 

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