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Rendering of the Park 1

Park of the Presidential Palace of Djibouti

Technital Djibouti SARL has been appointed for the concept and detail design of the park of the presidential palace of Djibouti, since during the design of the Presidential Palace, Technital has demonstrated to be able to meet the taste of the Client.

Project: Concept and detail design of the Park of the Presidential Palace of Djibouti

Location: Djibouti City, Djibouti

Client: The Government of Djibouti

Cost of total Works: 2,085,000 €

Services: Landscape design, lighting design, irrigation design

Period: 01/2014 – 05/2014

The design of the park of the Presidential Palace in Djibouti originates from an exclusive study carried out on the basis of the specific needs to decorate the site pertaining to the most representative building of the Country. The park has been designed as a formal Italian garden with geometric hedges, accurate choice of colours and proportions and broad prospects.

The project occupy an area of land of approximately 30,000 square meters, in addition to the adjacent heliport and guest parking areas.
The park has been organized so as to transfer a strong and pleasant impact to its audience, giving the viewer an immediate intuition of its operation, geometries and paths. The colours are soft and lacking contrast, with the simple and elegant style that characterizes the park of the Presidential Palace.
The arid climate of Djibouti has been a strong obstacle for the design of the park, overcome by appropriate species selection and an equally careful design of the irrigation system. In fact, the choice of plant species (like palms) has followed criteria linked to the shape and colours, as well as to their environmental adaptability.
In addition to the landscape design, the project includes the design of the lighting and the irrigation systems. A solar panel system has been designed in order to make the park energy independent, contributing to its sustainability. The irrigation system includes both the drip and the sprinkler irrigation, providing an adequate water supply by limiting water waste.
The lighting system enhances the scenic character of the park also during night time.
The staff involved in the following project includes: one architect, one electrical engineer, one hydraulic engineer, an agronomist, a resident engineer, a project coordinator together with the project manager (others as required by specific needs).

Technical Drawings & Renderings
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