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hydraulic engineering

Projects grouped under this heading typically include works and studies for hydrogeological aspects, aquifer status, management and development of water resources, aqueducts and water pipelines, storm water drainage and treatment, sewerage systems, wastewater and drinking water treatment plants, irrigation and reservoirs, pumping stations, canals and waterways, dams and hydropower plants.

The staff involved in these projects have significant experience in water modelling: the staff of Technital’s hydraulic sector systematically use the most developed and proven mathematical models in order to simulate water flow in the ground, along pipelines, and in the body of earth dams.
Every project has been developed with particular attention to the environment and the design has been carried out so as to ensure that the impacts are positive (such as the irrigation of dry lands or the safeguarding from flooding) or negligible.
Projects belonging to this category refer to all stages of design, from concept and planning to preliminary and detailed design and relate to new infrastructures and the upgrading/updating of existing ones. Furthermore, they represent examples of construction management services provided to construction contractors and of works supervision support provided to clients.