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marine and coastal engineering

Projects grouped under this heading cover different kinds of breakwaters, bottom protection measures, dredging, quays and piers, docks, navigation locks, intake structures, pipes, pumping stations, outfall structures.

The marine works category also deals with unconventional structures, infrastructures and related equipment which do not fit in the standard development of port and terminal facilities as well as naval design for special-purpose vessels mainly dedicated to the performance of construction and/or maintenance operations. In this context, by unconventional it is intended projects with special requirements and particularly that are able to cope with demanding operational characteristics (e.g. extremely limited tolerance, restricted intervention areas), with oversize capabilities (e.g. extremely high uniform and/or concentrated loads) and with special intervention procedures (e.g. systems to perform operations in a specific context).
Finally, this category deals with managing of and interfacing with mechanical, electro-mechanical, instrumentation and control, equipment and piping, oil and gas terminals.
Projects belonging to this category refer to all stages of design, from concept and planning to preliminary and detailed design and relate to new infrastructures and the upgrading/ updating of existing ones. Furthermore, they represent examples of construction management services provided to construction contractors and of works supervision support provided to clients.