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Special structures and Bridges

Structure and infrastructure design, depending on the works being carried out by Technital, often cannot be traced back to textbook design standards. Rather they are unique in the world, without specific technical references. Our Special Structures and Bridges division was set up to meet this kind of requirements. It brings together highly skilled engineers, able to implement projects at the cutting edge of technology.
To ensure success to our customers we work in house so that we can be sure our team is made up of the very best professionals, both in terms of skills mastered and for the potential they can express at any design level.
Customers have put their trust in Technital’s capability not only to design and manage large works in over 60 countries but also projects related to sites featuring unique morphological characteristics and imperative historic values.
These special projects are integrated in the infrastructure solutions designed by Technital through a stringent procedure that is the backbone of the construction technique and experience that Technital has strengthened over its many decades of existence.
Our experience is also applied, in addition to special structures, to Large Bridges, engineering structures that often, by themselves, are the very essence of specific transport infrastructures.
We see every new project as a challenge to be conquered, providing solutions that offer the proper combination of quality, affordability, innovation and efficiency.
The inherent difficulties of the most complex projects have always spurred us to search for answers that meet our customers’ requirements from every point of view.